Monday, July 25, 2011


Machu wall sculpture, design copyright Mainichi Design 2011
Another recently completed project....before the little Miss arrived it felt as though I was motoring through half completed jobs. Maybe something to do with the planets aligning.....or the impending due date that was looming!
This is a giant version of one of my Machu wood brooches, created from recycled bamboo skewers and chopsticks.
Mainichi Machu brooch
I've been wanting to play around with the scale of my jewellery work for quite a while. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'd like to hang a couple of the brooch size versions around it. And perhaps add some colour. Although I do like the "natural" look, and I'd also love to produce one in a glossy black or white....

This all taps into the idea of creating jewellery as sculpture, for decorating not just the body but also the interior space....I think there is some merit in this concept, perhaps a future project or exhibition in the making.