Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space....

....better late than never! Joining in over here. Taking up space on my desk these last few weeks is this charming fellow, being created for the other little, charming fellow in my life.  I know he doesn't look quite right at the mo' - what with his head not being connected to his body. Oh, and he needs a bit of a haircut, and his little face finished off.

Made under the careful guidance of Shelley at Little Sparrow. I highly recommend her doll making workshops (and the tea drinking and biscuit eating too!).


  1. He is going to be super cute when he is finished.

  2. I will admit, you caught me a little off guard with the skewy head thing - til I saw what was going on. He's a sweetheart (with great heart throb potential once his head is attached).

  3. Wow he is very cool, I love his hair. Don't cut it, it's awesome.

  4. He looks great De! I think the little man should be very happy with his new friend.... can't wait to see how you dress him :)


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