Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mushi Handmade Rope Necklaces

Mushi Rope necklace detail
Just listed on my Blue Caravan shop (which has been sadly neglected of late, oops) are a couple of my Mushi Rope Necklaces - one in the classic Navy & Red combination and the other in yummy, rich Purple & Green pictured above, $64AU each.

I'm quite stoked with how the photo above looks, you really get to see all that luxurious handmade rope up close. Amazing how wool that was destined for the rubbish heap has been transformed (I rescued a bunch of wool thread from a skip outside a St Kilda knitting mill a few years back). Yay for recycling.

I've also listed some of my new "Dots" leather necklaces over there too. These babies will be $79AU each. If you are interested and you mention my blog on checkout, heck you might even get free postage!

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