Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black was back in 1988

Reminiscing on account of receiving an email from my dear friend Bern and catching up on all the latest news from her. This is us young and "artistic" in 1988 at our Drama class break up party. Nice touch with my sweaty armpits from dancing like a fool - oh and the bottle of "Passion Pop" in someone's hand behind us. Classy.

I often think of Bern when I watch "Glee" and I know if it had been around in our heyday we would have LOVED every corny minute of it. Hooray for musical theatrics.


  1. Hello, thanks for your comforting words on my blog about Runti. 1988, good times. I had a pair of round glasses like that and short hair too :))

  2. Ha ha! And I thought I was cutting edge with my short hair and John Lennon-esque glasses!!


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