Friday, February 18, 2011

Wading through....

While most of the eastern coast of Australia has been wading through excessive amounts of water - and a couple of Friday's back during Melbourne's big rain storm we nearly joined them, with water lapping at our front door, yikes - I've been wading through a long list of projects that need to be finished.

Well I'm not really sure they NEED to be finished, perhaps it is more a case of I WANT them finished! Here's a little taste of what I've been doing lately:

A Christmas cross stitch, given to me as a gift for Christmas just gone. I am determined to get this finished before this year's celebrations. Planning on making it into a little decoration to hang on the tree.
Colouring-in with embroidery! On a hand screen-printed piece of linen, which I received along with the gorgeous print from Summersville, mentioned in a previous post. The paper print has been completed using my trusty collection of Derwent pencils and is now waiting for a new frame to finish it, once I can get to Ikea and purchase one.

Oh and I have been doing some work on Mainichi too.....I decided the Mushi recycled leather brooches needed backing cards, so I'm trimming down some of my (too big a stash of) printed postcards - what do you think??

Little recycled felt faces now appearing as tiny keychains.......and soon to be available in Japan via a new online retailer (how exciting!).

And hairclips.....perfect even for grown ups!

And working on some new necklace designs. First, these recycled leather dots backed with gorgeous Japanese papers. They will be stitched together garland-like to form a necklace. I made some of this style recently for Craft Queensland's Cherish Christmas special, and I would show you a photo, only Blogger has decided not to let me upload another pic in this session......

And second, three long strands of french knitted recycled wool, waiting to be combined with one of my signature felt stitched medallions to complete....I'll keep you posted on these.
And the boy has not been forgotten either, a felt sandwich via this clever lady has been cut out and is waiting for assembly (there seems to be a lot of this assembly line waiting when I take a look around my desk!).

And found hiding behind the cushions on the is Max, created using a pattern from this lovely book at Winterwood Toys. He is going to have to be the substitute for a real dog around here, for a short time anyways.
And second last, here are the said cushions Max was hiding behind - new on my couch, and made by me, from some yummy Maharam fabrics. I'm quite proud of these, although they are already starting to show cracks. Velvet fabric is no fun at all to sew, especially when the seams start to fray. Time to borrow Mum's overlocker!

And the reason for my sudden productivity and urge to sew, oh and also for my lack of blogging (sorry!) is this little collaborative project, still brewing and ready to pop in the middle of June:

Meet Baby Herrenberg number 2. I know the 3D ultrasounds are not that nice to look at. And I've just noticed, is that a middle finger sticking up on the right hand?! Probably directed at the ultrasound technician thanks to all her digging and probing around. Right there with ya babe!
Stay tune for more news......


  1. Wow, you have been busy! And congrats on bub #2! Love the colour-in embroidery too.

  2. loving the colors of the cushions.

  3. Thanks Jane, gotta love a bit of green!


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