Friday, November 18, 2011

Recycled Aussies

Presenting a new addition to the Mainichi range, these gorgeous handmade recycled Aussie bush timber beads that I source from Western Australia have been carefully selected for their shape and strung onto a length of my handmade rope. I've got a bunch of different coloured thread from which to make this rope, so if this piece looks like something you'd like in your Christmas stocking give me a hoi!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving Forward

Every now and then the furniture needs a change around at home, sweep away the dust from underneath, breathe some fresh air in. I have decided that Mainichi needs a little furniture re-arranging. I'm starting with the blog and it's styling, and I've just recently re-visited the "philosophy" of Mainichi.
So here's the new "bite" from my newly ordered cards, I'd love to know what you think!?

Everyday I aim to:
recycle and re-use
parent gently
tread lightly
& sometimes I even blog.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kawa Necklaces

These colourful Kawa necklaces jetted off interstate to find new homes via the lovely crew at Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain, Sydney. If you are in the 'hood stop by and check out the latest exhibition "Two Views" by Neil & Steffie Wallace.  I particularly love Neil's gorgeous painted landscapes of the Bay of Fires in Tasmania - you can see how inspiring the landscape is - who wouldn't want to paint this:

 and waves breaking!

Funny, it's been just over a year since our trip to Tassie, and the boy just asked recently if we could go back and take his baby sister to see the snow! If I could I would be there in a flash......

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More chair envy

New chair designs by PearsonLloyd.  Love their work.  This is the Conic range, available in Australia through Zenith Interiors. Designed for commercial applications but I think they could look equally snazzy in a residential interior. All pics courtesy of the Zenith website.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Queenie in all her splendour
From the hands of two very talented women....recently exhibited at Craft Victoria.  Unfortunately their open studio has now been and gone.  If you missed it you can read more about their work here for Emma and here for Maryann.  And Craft Vic has details of what the "Regal Savage" work was all about here.
Details of Queenie's shawl with woven ribbon being inserted
yummy materials - a feast for the eyes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St Kilda this weekend

This Saturday 27th August, St Kilda Steiner Preschool Winter Bazaar.......11am-3pm. Fun to be had....come and join in.....

Monday, July 25, 2011


Machu wall sculpture, design copyright Mainichi Design 2011
Another recently completed project....before the little Miss arrived it felt as though I was motoring through half completed jobs. Maybe something to do with the planets aligning.....or the impending due date that was looming!
This is a giant version of one of my Machu wood brooches, created from recycled bamboo skewers and chopsticks.
Mainichi Machu brooch
I've been wanting to play around with the scale of my jewellery work for quite a while. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'd like to hang a couple of the brooch size versions around it. And perhaps add some colour. Although I do like the "natural" look, and I'd also love to produce one in a glossy black or white....

This all taps into the idea of creating jewellery as sculpture, for decorating not just the body but also the interior space....I think there is some merit in this concept, perhaps a future project or exhibition in the making.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Mainichi has been written up over at Koobly. I'm amazed how bloggers glean information from the web and the way in which it is re-presented (ie. not entirely accurately!). And being referred to as "Herrenberg" reminds me of my third year university days - my design lecturer used to refer to me that way, I think just to try to rile me. It just made me giggle!!

All things aside, Koobly features cool, independent design sourced from across the interweb....sure is some nice company to be hangin' with over there!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Week

The reason for my absence of late - this little angel, born one week ago, at home, in water......I know it's not related to craft, jewellery or design, but she certainly is one of my proudest creations. x

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project Doll - Finito

Been promising myself for weeks I would take a photo of the completed doll made for my boy and finished many weeks back. Well, finally here he is in his clothed glory. He is much loved as you will see below, and resides in the bed most of the time (what a life!). Plans are afoot for making him some pyjamas and other attire to extend his wardrobe a little.
I had such fun making this, it really was a challenge, especially for hands affected by pins and needles thanks to another is planned for the little one gestating (still) at present. If you'd like a kit to make your own formed doll, then I highly recommend those sold by the lovely Shelley at Little Sparrow.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fashion forward....

Mainichi photos keep popping up all over the web. Today you can see the lovely Esther sporting some Shinzo necklaces on the home page over at Agenda Melbourne, and read a great write up about last Friday's event with the City of Port Phillip "Future Fashion Now".

Apparently FFN was very successful with over 500 people visiting the St Kilda Town Hall to see sustainable fashion in action.

Milk Thieves - MOVED!

The lovely Emma-Lee Crane of Mainichi stockist "Milk Thieves" in Wollongong (I never remember how to spell that....too many oooo's or too many lllll's) has moved shop.  If you are in the vicinity call in and say hi......

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saving incentive

How cool are these Addi+ion money boxes? I'm a little biased because they have been designed by one of my old Industrial Design mates from Uni, Neil Davidson. I want one of these......
Addi+ion is just one of the concept designs produced via rapid prototyping for Artisan's exhibition "Capital Growth - The Piggy Bank Project", currently showing in Fortitude Valley until 2 July. For more information visit their website.

Friday, June 3, 2011


How exciting - Mainichi is the featured artist in a new series on the Breathing Colours Gallery blog, over here, go say hi, if you please! Lovely photos to accompany the post - thanks Jess and crew!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


....boxes always come in handy around here after unpacking....although they tend to live out their welcome!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A bunch of firsts

Reminiscing.....possibly because of the impending arrival of a second. Baby that is. You might like to join in!?

First graduation - senior high school (with my buddy Ky).....wearing loads of silver roses around my neckline to bump up the cleavage!!

First big party - my black and white themed 17th (Mum in the background). Knife was for cutting the cake - black and white iced, of course!

First house - before

...and after.

First brand new car of my very own. I miss you little Mini!

and First babe.....what a cherub. Looking forward to meeting number two.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashion Loves World Environment Day

Our local council, the City of Port Phillip, is holding a special event in St Kilda to celebrate World Environment Day on 3rd June. Future Fashion Now is a celebration of all things fashion with a focus on sustainability, recycling and vintage.

Held in the main auditorium of the old St Kilda Town Hall, there will be clothing swaps, fashion parades, live music, jewellery and craft workshops, you name it....and all with a focus on being kinder to our environment (as well as fashionable!).

Mainichi was lucky enough to be invited to feature some jewellery in the fashion parade, and if you attend there is a chance you may even pick up a necklace as a door prize (amongst other equally tempting goodies).

They are also running a competition "I Made This!" via Facebook, for amateur makers and designers.

For more information visit the CoPP website and Facebook page.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, I am loving ruby red......

Mainichi Mushi rope necklace $64AU

Leather mosaic - from a brochure collected at Milan Salone de Mobile 2006

Katsura fabric by Kalla on Etsy
Mary Mee Studio pottery vase from Etsy
Butterfly Leggings by prettypennydesigns on Etsy
Red Forest photo by Raceytay on Etsy
Glass Mushroom Beads by Avedisgems on Etsy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daylesford Delight

Owners of Daylesford Store "Can't Think Straight" - Miriam & Tiana
Tempting treats at Can't Think Straight, Daylesford
Some months back my friend Fe came to visit and we spent a lovely day together at Daylesford, outside of Melbourne. Facials, coffee, scones, lunch and shopping, not necessarily in that order, were all on the cards....nice pampering to give to two preggy ladies, sans older children in tow!

While wandering the main street we came across a new store, "Can't think straight", run by the lovely Mim and her business partner Tiana, stocking work by local artists and supporting the local GLBTIQ communities. There is a fantastic array of work stocked there with a focus on recycling and upcycling. And now a selection of Mainichi recycled leather necklaces is available in store too!

If you are visiting Daylesford do pop in, and don't forget our other favourite shop, Mimosa, a few doors away on Vincent Street, which has been a long time stockist of Mainichi recycled leather brooches, and makers and stockists of the Babies Only range of organic skin care products (love the Baby bum cream and Mum's belly oil!).

While exploring Daylesford I can also recommend:
"Lark" behind the main street (gorgeous, everything in there, take your credit card)
"Cliffy's Emporium" for lunch, coffee or some indulgent deli goods
"The Mill Market" for hours of browsing of reasonably priced secondhand furniture, bric a brac and vintage clothing
"Acqua Viva" in nearby Hepburn Springs, for all kinds of pampering, especially if you prefer a small, intimate and quiet setting.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Work in progress

Things have been quiet around here lately, 35 weeks pregnant and suffering from a nasty bout of flu is not something I would recommend! Still slogging away at getting jewellery made, because I know there will be period of quiet in about 5 weeks time....or a period of chaos....or both!!
These Dots necklaces are on the list to be made. This one from recycled leather, but I've also been making them from recyceld PVC off cuts. I hope the making list shall start shrinking shortly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Two new little creations, once again inspired by Shelley at Little Sparrow (ta for the guidance!).
One of these is to reside here for our impending arrival and the other has been posted off today to a special little girl who recently entered the world. I hope she deposits appropriate amounts of love and baby spit onto her little dolly!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Exhibition opening

"Through the forest" courtesy of artist Emma Coulter
My former classmate, interior designer and visual artist, Emma Coulter, is holding an exhibition of her work entitled "Shedding Skin", opening next week on the 3rd May and running until the 14th May, at FortyFive Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Get along!!

I am loving the colours in these new creations. I can imagine one of these paintings would be a perfect wedding present for a young the couple getting married today (yes I know, a loose connection but what the hell!?) I was glued to the TV set as a child in 1981, no doubt I will be glued to the TV set again tonight. Love a bit of glamour on a Friday night!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating 100

Nuimasu necklace, felt and leather/vinyl $59AU
My Etsy shop recently achieved sales of 100 - I feel like that's a milestone, although it pales in comparison to some expert Etsy sellers! To celebrate, if you fancy anything in the shop, you get free shipping (refunded after checkout) when you mention my blog in the message section on checkout.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathroom envy

L House photos via The Cool Hunter
Loving this bathroom, top left hand corner, found via The Cool Hunter, from the "L House" in Buenos Aires. Actually, I wouldn't say no to the rest of the house too, never mind the location!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Felt inspiration

Can't wait to start chopping into all this beautiful hand dyed felt recently purchased from a very clever lady here in Melbourne. I think her rich colours will add such life to my necklaces. Thanks to the universe (and the boy's kinder) for allowing her to find me!
And I found this little treasure amongst my photos - my boy, much younger, amongst all my felt scraps - and no doubt in small person heaven!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Work! New Work!

Just listed on my Etsy shop:

New Recycled leather and Japanese paper "Dots" necklace $79AU this one red, white and blue

Mushi handmade rope strand necklace $64AU this one a beautiful deep red

New French Knitted necklace with Mushi felt and leather medallions $44AU this one green and black

And listed over on my Blue Caravan shop:

New "Dots" necklaces in white/floral and khaki/floral $79AU each

Mushi handmade rope strand necklaces $64AU, in red/navy and green/purple

Of course, free shipping for anybody who mentions this blog post when purchasing! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today Melbourne does not know if it should rain or shine. What's new!