Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Laurie

In memory of my dear Grandfather who passed 26.12.2010. Now at peace. x

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Animal Love

animal barn, originally uploaded by fede shop.
Recently we had the pleasure of sharing a weekend with my friend Fi and celebrating her son's 4th birthday at an Animal Farm Barn outside of Adelaide. Here is my boy cuddling a baby chicken and sporting his new short haircut. So sweet.

A Winters Tale in Summer

Some treasuries in the Etsy treasury collection just make you *sigh* with their beauty. Some people just have the knack. To celebrate the Winter-esque weather Melbourne is currently experiencing (what happened to Summer?) I'm sharing this treasury entitled "A Winter's Tale", by HouseofChintz.
Featured are:
SmallWondersArt : Crafts2Cherish : Middleburg : Mainichi
SquirrelsNest : CinnamonNSugar : PeggyWolfDesign : RaceyTay
Crosswiredesign : honeytree : LBCpaper : UsefulBooks
Janalovablehandknits : divergentlayers : DestinysCreations : AnthroPoMorphCo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

100 Yen Shop

Image via Japan In Melbourne
Has opened in Melbourne - did you know! Found via this article on the Japan In Melbourne website, the new Daiso shop is inside "The Hub" shopping centre in Victoria St, Abbottsford (near the Punt Road end - you can't miss it). Just in case there was a whole load of cool Japanese stuff you never knew you needed but had to buy. Everything is $2.80 (yes a little more than 100yen!) and it's cash only.