Thursday, November 25, 2010


I love a surprise in the mail...and today I received this lovely piece handmade by Tess McCabe, for her label TeaHouse Handmade. I think I'll be sporting this every day for the next week, at least!
You can purchase your own TeaHouse creation at Craft Victoria, Gallery 34 and Onabee.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Circa 1989

Interior by Inarc (Sue Carr & Ken Lloyd) 1989, from "Interior Design" Issue 18
A touch of modernist Australian style I'm sharing with you here, yes indeed it is circa 1989. Dragged out of an old "Interior Design" magazine (no longer being published). This interior is by Sue Carr, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to call her a "legend" in the interior design industry here....although she has just won the Gold Medal for Interior Design at the recent IDEA Awards. 
I think her work is incredibly enduring, classic, yet always contemporary. I could quite easily live in this space, what do you think?? Oh yeah, and it happens to be a converted warehouse with Loft bedrooms. Did I mention that bonus??

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

My creative space

Joining in for this meme over at Kootooyoo, it's been a while, but I thought you might like to see what has been distracting me from jewellery making for the last two weeks. Or thereabouts!
First comes a set of Christmas Advent booties, a request from the 3year old, pattern courtesy of my Mum's December issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. This project began as a crafty day with Grandma, so the vision I had of making these from lots of bright, groovy fabrics that weren't too "Christmassy" went out the window! Thanks to Mum's stash there is a bit more gold and glitter in there than I would like. But the boy loves them! And he has big plans to fill each one with a chocolate. Should be bouncing off the walls by the time 25th December arrives.

I did get a Japanese fabric in there - just one! See, just there....

In the process of adding embroidered numbers (as opposed to the wooden ones called for in the pattern).
And the other project on my desk, which has actually been here for quite a while, is another quilt. This time for the Master Bedroom. It's black and white, and utilises loads of thrifted and left over fabrics from my stash, so it's been quite cheap to make so far.  I'm following Oh Fransson's quilt-along for the Mod Sampler. The straight lines are driving me mad. Now I'm off to unpick and resew - again - to try to match the vertical lines of each row.....grrrr......

Oh dear, I just spied Oh Fransson!'s Tokyo Subway QuiltAlong, love it! I may contemplate making that next.....then again, perhaps I should finish this one first.....always nice to think ahead though, right!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Rose Holzer "C'est pour cela qu'on aime les libellules" 1988, detail, from the artist's website

Rose Holzer "Silence" 2005, detail, from artist's website
Found amongst the so called "filing" on my desk....I've just discovered an old catalogue of work from MARS Gallery for Rose Holzer's work. Stunning, textural, rich. Some of it is reminiscent of cave drawings or scratchings, ancient graffiti! Here's her website if you'd like to enjoy more of the same.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Via The Cool Hunter
I love this apartment, recently spotted on The Cool Hunter. Can't get enough of that colour *blasting* out from a white backdrop.....yummy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Craft gets local

Article on Pg 30 Leader Newspaper 26/10/2010
So impressed that my local paper recently mentioned we "crafty types", and even quoted Carmel from Craft Victoria in a recent "Smart Shopper" article. Who would have known that "craft is big in Melbourne"!???
On another note, I love those handpainted brooches that Emily Green makes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Tassie Photos

Leaving Derwent Bridge, Tasmania
Yes more holiday I boring you yet?? Is this the longest lasting slideshow ever? At least you can turn away or visit again another day! It's hard to believe that we drove from this experience above, and less than 48 hours later we were here:
Bruny Island beach, from Truganini's steps
Still can't believe the difference in landscape, and the beautiful beaches in Tassie. Pristine sand and incredible coloured water. Reminded me of my childhood, growing up in Queensland. I must say it was a real come down when we visited Elwood beach here last week......certainly drives home the impact of population on the natural environment.

Cocco brooches by Oceanides
Onto more cheery things....finally I'm going to share with you some of my favourite shopping destinations and purchases from my trip to Tasmania.....first are these gorgeous cast copper brooches, above, which are modelled on a microscopic plankton by Jeweller and Marine Biologist (how impressive!) Dr Karin Beaumont. I was lucky enough to acquire one of these at "the market" in Hobart. But you can share the love and see, or purchase, these and her other amazing creations in Karin's Blue Caravan shop online here.

Lemon Juicers by Strahan Woodworks
Beautifully created huon pine products can be found all over in Tasmania. If you'd like to know a little more about Huon Pine go here, but what I should tell you is that these trees are now protected by a World Heritage listing due to their slow growth and the mass logging that occured after Europeans arrived in Australia. All Huon Pine is now collected by Tasmania's State Forestry or those with special permits, and only logs that have fallen are salvaged - no more trees are being cut down. At Strahan Woodworks I purchased a beautiful cheese knife with turned huon pine handle. They also make these lemon juicers, above, based on a traditional English design that dates back over one hundred years. 
King William Pine tree - photo courtesy of Tasmania Special Timbers website
Adjacent to Strahan Woodworks is a timber mill where you can purchase off cuts and small pieces of Huon Pine, and see the mill working. But I think the real gem is at the other end of the building where Tasmania Special Timbers has a collection of huge slabs of pine that would make the most beautiful table tops and benches. The lovely Diane there will help you out and she was kind enough to allow me to scavenge offcuts that will be perfect for making more woodblock necklaces like this one, so keep an eye out for those!

Lastly a couple of spots worth checking out in Hobart - Store & Co. is a beautiful shop with everything covetable from homewares to candles, jewellery, books, baking name it.  And "Love and Clutter" in Murray Street, which I think is the smaller sister shop to "The Maker", which Pip talked about over here. It has the most beautiful selection of local, quality crafted works, other things you don't need but must have, all presented in a groovy, vintage chic kind of manner which would fit right in anywhere really!

So here's to a week of hopefully a few more frequent blog posts.....sorry for the absence, Mainichi has kept me very busy making of late!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A new Etsy favourite

Scandi DIY Colour Poster
There are some Etsy shops in which I could browse for hours, and buy everything in there. Summersville is one of those shops.  Recently I purchased one of her DIY colour posters - like the one above. It's currently a work in progress on my messy desk, and looking very bright and lovely (unlike my desk)!

Summersville Scandi Fabric in Seafoam on Oatmeal
Her fabrics are gorgeous too, printed on yummy oatmeal coloured linen......

Summersville Totem in Raspberry Red