Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally....a finished cubby house

It is not that the finishing has taken all this time to's just that the featuring of a photo has taken me a while to get around to. A little rough around the edges but perfect for a boy's own cubby.
With those recycled white doors from the bungled handle installation in our kitchen, it even looks like he has his very own refrigerator installed! (P.S. This post is just for you Fi! Enjoy!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Faking it

I have had this article sitting on my desk for over a month, and finally I get around to mentioning it. Which is quite funny because this designer's work has popped up on the Craft Victoria website as an example of the value of intellectual property. Craft Victoria are hosting an information session about this very topic, details over there.  Read the article here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Print Love

Love this new paisley print shirt by Fred Perry for Liberty. Image courtesy of here. See more of Liberty here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A motoring obsession

Ok, here goes, I have a confession. I think I may be a bogan*. At least I have been in a previous life. More appropriately I should say a bevan, since I'm talking about the duration of my life lived in Queensland. What led me to this conclusion? Well, a few weeks back I watched Eric Bana's "Love the Beast", and I enjoyed it - immensely. And it got me thinking about how much I grew up surrounded by the love of cars.

So over the course of this week I'm going to share a few of my bevan, or bogan, loves - otherwise known as my "wheels", my "beasts", my "ride", whatever you like to call them.

Number one was my 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. Purchased for $100 and my pride and joy for 18 years. That's it beside my bro on his bike (sorry Mike) and pictured in my Dad's shed, surrounded by spare parts.

It had two incarnations, the first as a weekend renovation project for my Dad - when it was transformed to a black, sunroofed machine. Here's the interior - it had white hoodlining and black seats with houndstooth inserts! Note the S Series Valiant in the background - owned by my sister!

And here is the finished machine, just after it received a final cut and polish from my Uncle. I was 18 when it was finally finished and road registered, and I truly LOVED that little car. Oh, by the way his name was Vernon, in case you were wondering!

And lastly, this is the final photograph before that particular renovation was stripped back again for another new shiny coat of paint.....which I'll show you in the next post!

*For non-Australians: An Australian slang term, mostly deregatory, referring to anyone who shares a predilection for acid wash or black tight jeans, flannellette shirts, desert boots, fast cars, beer, heavy metal music, and is generally fairly unsophisticated. Now used affectionately as a term of endearment along with other terms such as "dag".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Mumsy, not so Chic

Article from the Herald Sun, 30 March 2010
The hubby found this article in the tabloid and brought it home to share with me. He thought I might find it interesting....or amusing. Now, I don't usually use my blog to get on my soapbox about parenting, so if you don't find sarcasm amusing or you may be offended by my natural parenting bent, then please look away!

Apparently we should be taking inspiration from the Europeans, and in particular we women should be taking cues from French women for yet another thing....this time it's mothering our children. Or rather not mothering them. Apparently we just do too, too much of that. So slack off gals, find a babysitter, fill your champagne glasses and get some brassieres without those annoying and not-so-chic clips on them.*
*By no means am I trying to make women feel "guilty" for choosing any particular path....I'm just suggesting that what works for some doesn't work for all. And we don't always have to follow the European model, surely. Do we?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Photography Exhibition - Joyce Evans

Thought this image that arrived in my inbox today was too good not to share. From an exhibition of work by Joyce Evans, showing at Obscura Gallery, just round the corner from me from this Sunday 18th April.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Australian Art to inspire

Rings of Saturn by Inge King at Heide courtesy of here
I was completely inspired by the work of Australian based, German born sculptor Inge King, when I recently saw the ABC's Artscape presentation of the documentary "A Thousand Different Angles". Like me, you may have noticed her public sculptures dotted around Melbourne, and not given a second thought to who they were made by (or how). Or maybe you are more educated about local art than I!

Anyway, from listening to her express how she was "compelled" to still create whilst mothering her two children (she made jewellery at that stage!), and how she impressed a bunch of Aussie blokes in a welding factory with her skills to help create "Forward Surge", to the fact that she is still working at 80+ - all this makes me think she is amazing. You can read some more here. Oh, and did I mention she has the most gorgeous Robin Boyd designed house at Warrandyte?! Too much. I'm turning green.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Recycled Plastic Fish Jewellery

Some images of Mainichi's window exhibition at Craft Victoria for "A Tale of Wood and Fish".  A couple of views from inside and outside the window (sorry about the reflection).  The photos in handmade "frames" that form part of the exhibition are of my ancestors - inspiration for the methods used in most of the pieces. More details about how it all ties together in this post. By the way, the reference to "Wood" is in fact my Grandfather's family name. In case you were wondering.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exhibition Countdown Begins

Only one day to go....mild panic starting to set in.
Not really, I think it's all under control and shaping up to be very exciting for little ol' me....
Here is the wordy explanation of "A Tale of Wood & Fish":

My forefathers were skilled labourers, crafting items for consumption with their hands, aware of the value of materials, mindful of their origins and end use. Frugal, ingenious and appreciative of what little they might have had; to reappropriate, recycle and reuse was an everyday practice for them.

This body of work celebrates their skills and their appreciation of the value of materials; and it asks – “in our modern world how often do we consider the labour that is embodied in the products we consume, and wonder at the origin and end-use of the materials that surround us?”

Friday, April 2, 2010

Heads and Tails

This week I've been mostly head down, tail up completing a bunch of these little treasures for a window exhibition at Craft Victoria.  I think I may need my eyes tested after all this detailed work!

Above is an embroidered piece inspired by one of the crests in this book....

And below is a necklace incorporating handmade rope and little fish brushes. All shall be revealed after next Wednesday the 6th April.

PS. If you've been stockpiling any plastic soy sauce fish for me (Shelley!??), I'm still in the market for me and I'll give you postage details.  I plan to make this an ongoing project!