Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shop till you drop

Image from State Library Exhibition Shop 'til you drop, Tessa Furniture 1971

Thought I'd share this vintage interior shot with you, courtesy of the Shop 'til you Drop exhibition at the State Library of Victoria until 31 October, this year. Lots of vintage shopping images to see there.

Craft Victoria hosted a market at the library in late December, which I was lucky enough to partake in, and spent the day sharing display space with Victoria Mason, and of course, Emma (and the little one that's brewing) - thanks for the laughter, fine ladies.

Over on Victoria's blog are a couple of pics from market. They make me think I really need to work on my display. Emma says more is more, but I wonder if more Mainichi is just TOO much of an overload. That Miss Mason has the whole market display thing down pat, complete with bunting. So cute.

Thanks to everyone who came to say hi or made a purchase at the market. Love yews all.

And thanks for the post Vic!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year, New Recycled Jewellery

Ok it's time for me to come clean with you guys. Yes, I've been keeping a secret for a while now. And it's time to out it, right here.
I'm working on a mini exhibition of recycled jewellery.  I hope it's going to be seen somewhere, sometime this year, but until then I'll be giving you all regular sneak peeks into what I'm making over the next few months.  So this is the first look at a couple of brooches, just had their little pins sewn on the back.

These exhibition pieces will all be made using plastic fish shaped soy sauce bottles, you know the ones you get with your take away sushi. There must be thousands, if not millions of these little bottles in the world. I'm taking it upon myself to make use of these little bits of pollution, lids and all.
Of course if you feel the need to donate your own used soy sauce bottles to the cause, I'd be only too willing to take them off your hands. The more the merrier. Emptied and rinsed is also much appreciated. Get in touch if you have any donations! info(*at*)mainichidesigndotcom

Monday, January 25, 2010

A nod to the past

I've been researching my family history on and off for the past 15 years or so.  And while I often wonder what it was like for those now deceased (bless them) ancestors living in newly established Melbourne, what I really would love to know, but am too shy to ask, is what was it like for my Grandparents living, working and growing up here as young people?

Bettina Guthridge articulates this sense of distance from our elders so beautifully in her project 80+ And Not Out, illustrated and designed by Graphic Designer Liz Wilson (recently profiled on the DesignFiles blog):

"....We will perhaps never know about their wildest dreams, their lost opportunities and loves, their real feelings for us, and will be left with our own imaginings, often far from the truth.
In the black and white photographs taken in their ‘dream time’, we may sometimes glimpse, if only for a moment, an image where our loved one is young, glamorous, vital, and living a life that many of us would be shocked and perhaps excited by.
It is difficult for us to really appreciate the challenges, choices and events that have formed the person we see today. So, we have a choice… to ask the questions, a task so simple, yet confronting, or to leave our thoughts unspoken."

The photo above is my Grandma and Grandpa, in their working gear at my Great Nan's old place in Westgarth. Cheers to Bet and Laur. xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

An Aussie abroad

Image courtesy of City of Dionne
The lovely Dionne of "City of Dionne", whom I was lucky enough to meet through my Etsy store, has just posted a Mainichi giveaway on my behalf on her gorgeous blog, please go say hi to this expat living in the US and have a look at her lovely artwork. Heck while you are there why not even enter the comp!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Footpath Scavenger

In our neighbourhood it is very common to see large piles of ephemera on the footpath. Houses cleaned out, new lives begun, cupboards refreshed.  I often look, but I'm not usually game enough to stop and forage.
Heck, last time I tried to pile a big old armchair into the boot of my car it wouldn't fit, and then I just about busted something trying to put it back where I'd scavenged it from. Sometimes a station wagon does seem more sensible...but I digress.

Today I struck gold. I spotted an old Sunbeam Mixmaster under a pile of stuff, and since I've been lamenting giving mine away when I moved to Melbourne, I had to stop and scavenge. The mixer went straight into the car. And then I spotted something else, and something under that, and one thing led to thing I know the lovely lady in the house where this stuff had resided came out to say hi and see if she could help me!!! I love recycling.

There's a few old tins there (they always remind me of my Grandma) a lovely old Thermos flask, a plastic basket, and three wonderful old umbrellas which I am just in love with. They need a repair, so I'm off to look at this blog for some tips. Happy scavenging to you. Out with the new and in with the old, perhaps that's my motto for 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello New Year

Yes, I've been absent. I've been busy enjoying....
- a big Christmas day with lots of relatives around including both my siblings and their partners - very unusual for us all to be together in one city at this time of year, but actually quite lovely. Topped off the day with a game of badminton and backyard sleeping, woohoo!
- roasting in the heat, well not that bit, but cooling down in a friend's pool and enjoying a seafood feast on New Years Eve....bliss!
- triumphing in my boy's mastery of potty training...hooray, no more washing nappies! Just loads of sheets and undies instead!
- three whole weeks enjoying time together as a trio...heaven.
I haven't been totally absent from my creative world (aside from this blog). I finished the boy's quilt whilst on "holiday" and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Now I'm planning one for my bed and another for cuddling under in Winter in front of the tele. Yes, photos of the said quilt shall be forthcoming shortly! In the meantime here is my little artist at work, his first taste of painting on Christmas Day with his new paints and brushes.