Tuesday, December 7, 2010

100 Yen Shop

Image via Japan In Melbourne
Has opened in Melbourne - did you know! Found via this article on the Japan In Melbourne website, the new Daiso shop is inside "The Hub" shopping centre in Victoria St, Abbottsford (near the Punt Road end - you can't miss it). Just in case there was a whole load of cool Japanese stuff you never knew you needed but had to buy. Everything is $2.80 (yes a little more than 100yen!) and it's cash only.


  1. Haa haa Dee we have Daiso in the Middle East as well............my favourite shop! I have amassed dozens of bowls and sake cups to bring home! We must chat soon girl! xx Meg

  2. Hi Meg! Thanks for stopping by....we need to arrange an op shopping day as soon as you are back on Aussie soil!


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