Monday, November 1, 2010

A new Etsy favourite

Scandi DIY Colour Poster
There are some Etsy shops in which I could browse for hours, and buy everything in there. Summersville is one of those shops.  Recently I purchased one of her DIY colour posters - like the one above. It's currently a work in progress on my messy desk, and looking very bright and lovely (unlike my desk)!

Summersville Scandi Fabric in Seafoam on Oatmeal
Her fabrics are gorgeous too, printed on yummy oatmeal coloured linen......

Summersville Totem in Raspberry Red


  1. Wow, gorgeous print, I can see why you like it :D


  2. Thanks Sarah! My print is finally coloured in and complete - I promise to post a photo soon! x


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