Friday, November 19, 2010

My creative space

Joining in for this meme over at Kootooyoo, it's been a while, but I thought you might like to see what has been distracting me from jewellery making for the last two weeks. Or thereabouts!
First comes a set of Christmas Advent booties, a request from the 3year old, pattern courtesy of my Mum's December issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine. This project began as a crafty day with Grandma, so the vision I had of making these from lots of bright, groovy fabrics that weren't too "Christmassy" went out the window! Thanks to Mum's stash there is a bit more gold and glitter in there than I would like. But the boy loves them! And he has big plans to fill each one with a chocolate. Should be bouncing off the walls by the time 25th December arrives.

I did get a Japanese fabric in there - just one! See, just there....

In the process of adding embroidered numbers (as opposed to the wooden ones called for in the pattern).
And the other project on my desk, which has actually been here for quite a while, is another quilt. This time for the Master Bedroom. It's black and white, and utilises loads of thrifted and left over fabrics from my stash, so it's been quite cheap to make so far.  I'm following Oh Fransson's quilt-along for the Mod Sampler. The straight lines are driving me mad. Now I'm off to unpick and resew - again - to try to match the vertical lines of each row.....grrrr......

Oh dear, I just spied Oh Fransson!'s Tokyo Subway QuiltAlong, love it! I may contemplate making that next.....then again, perhaps I should finish this one first.....always nice to think ahead though, right!


  1. Oh those little socks are glorious! And simply LOVE your black and white quilt :)

  2. aww, so very cute those little stockings. lovely quilt too. it's been ages since i've seen a black and white one. love the look of it.

    first time visiting from my creative space...

    happy weekend!

  3. thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comps on my latest distractions! Dx


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