Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspired by Anish

Anish Kapoor pictured in front of one of his works. Photo courtesy of BBC.
Photo courtesy of Wallpaper.
On Thursday night I was falling in love with sculpture again when SBS screened a documentary "The Year of Anish Kapoor". Colour, reflection, interiors, exteriors, rusting hulks, mammoth, creating, decaying, time, space, illusion, inclusive, exclusive......AMAZING. I love everything he does.
Memory 2008 Photo courtesy of C4 Gallery here.
In front of his work at the Royal Academy. Photo courtesy of The Guardian.
Tall Tree and the Eye. Photo courtesy of Superfuture.
The Hive. Photo courtesy of Daylife

Paint "train" at the Royal Academy, London. Photo from The Guardian.
My favourite piece of all is the incredibly tactile and edible looking Svayambh, above. It's name is a Sanskrit word meaning "self-generated". This piece is created from a vast block of vaseline, paint and wax that was slowly pushed through a doorway, shown here at his recent exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.  

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  1. Oh yes, I saw that documentary. I really love his work too. Thanks for posting these pics :) Have a great weekend :)


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