Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Close to caffeine perfection?

I've been experimenting with the coffee machine again of late, attempting to perfect the art of making a caffe latte.....
Judging by the intact coffee grindings "cakes" the pressure from the machine is good...

however all that pressure makes frothing the soy milk a tough task....

Attempt number three was passable. Note to self, next op shop visit keep an eye out for some full size latte glasses (love this vintage pair I own, but they are just a tad too short).

I was pleased to hear from my old friend Joseph that it's tough even for the expert baristas like him to froth a perfect soy caffe latte.

While I'm being a coffee nerd...did you know there is a hand built coffee machine you can buy from the US called "Slayer"!!???? There's one now residing at our favourite local coffee haunt. Methinks it is indeed a "mans" coffee machine, with a name like that and styling like this:

Photo courtesy of the Slayer blog. If you know where to look you can see the real thing at several good cafes around Melbs.

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  1. Mmmm coffffeeee! Looks good - I have soy as well as I have a lactose intolerance. Love the tough looking coffee machine :)


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