Friday, September 17, 2010

And now....circa 1981

I've always loved a bit of yellow. Perhaps in 1981 I was loving it a little too much. Outfit including headband courtesy of my Mum's sewing machine (terry towelling with a yellow and fine gold stripe, with yellow ribbing). Don't you love the white (!!) thongs with yellow tights!???  Who am I kidding, this whole ensemble just reeks of style. Olivia Newton-John and "Physical" style that could argue if that could be called style at all....but when you are 10 who the hell cares anyway!?

P.S. Apologies to Belinda who is included in the photo, couldn't crop you out unfortunately! Not that you are reading this, you probably have far better and more interesting things to do.....


  1. i had a bright yellow pair of overalls in 1981/82!! obviously girls of fine taste. x

  2. Oh yes! Quite clearly very good taste! And we are still loving yellow....x


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