Friday, August 13, 2010

Stinking Scams & Creepy Comments

Radiation warning sign, originally uploaded by Ernst Moeksis.
Ok this post comes with a warning.....I'm going to have a whinge. So if you do not want to hear it then stop reading.....NOW......

Is it just me or are the "comments" posted on my blog that are not legitimate or full of links to creepy, dodgy websites getting a bit tiresome????
Thank goodness I have ticked that little box that allows me to edit the comments before they appear.

However not so lucky with my email. Yesterday I received what seemed like a reasonably legitimate request for some interior design work. I responded, requesting more information, even though I felt it was a little bit on the dodgy side. The second email I got from said "client" sent the alarm bells ring-a-ding-dinging........

So if you are in the interior design business be warned, if someone emails you about a job and they currently live "offshore".....and want to pay by credit card (hello???!!!) very cautious......

Postscript....Blogger must have had their ears burning (or I'm very slow) but I just checked my comments and hooray they now have a spam searcher for comments and a special folder for spam comments to be sent to....yay. Blogging much more wonder if they can do anything about "Gary" who emailed me???

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