Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring is in the air

Ahhh yes it is, this afternoon we soaked up some sun outdoors. Seems like it has been forever since we were out in the garden, what with colds and flus and cold Melbourne weather. With all the colour starting to appear in the garden beds I thought I would try playing around with my new iPhone "Toy Camera" app. Lots of fun, as you can see. A little bit Lomo-esque.

So pleased the cuttings I took from my Grandma's Geraniums have kicked off, now that I've relocated them out of the vegie garden bed (which now seems to be home to Daffodils!).....

These little treasures always make me smile......

What's thriving in your spring garden?? x

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  1. Really noice pics - you can smell spring in the air fave season!


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