Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Green Theme

Photo of collected beach litter courtesy of Artist Fran Crowe
Yes, it seems there's a "green" theme running through everything this week....

A lovely lady called Liz contacted me through Etsy. She writes a shopping blog called Great Green Goods and she has just featured one of my recycled leather Kawa necklaces over there.

I had a look through her previous posts and they are choc full of green goodness, that's for sure. I found quite a bit of inspiration there. Liz's blog then led me to Fake Plastic Fish. With a name like that how could I not have a look!!  FPF is a blog and website dedicated to one woman's attempt to reduce the amount of plastic she consumes. There's even a whole page full of suggestions on how you can do the same.  So get green and go take a look.
Emma, thought you would love this spectrum - even though it's made of rubbish!

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