Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some recent Interior design work.....

...for one of my lovely clients in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. I designed new cabinetry and selected furniture and fittings for a spare bedroom/wine cellar and the room pictured above is for three teenagers to share - a "retreat" for want of a better word!
Sofa: Jardan
Fabric: Laines and KvadratMaharam
Rug: Dinosaur Designs by Designer Rugs
Cabinet: Custom made grey, white and silver laminate finish

And the spare bedroom/cellar features a new sofa bed, armchair, built in cabinetry for storage and a huge wine cellar (behind the sofa) clad in timber to match the storage cabinet.
Sofa bed: Jardan
Fabric: KvadratMaharam
Leather: Laines/Qube
Cabinet: Custom made timber veneer
Wine Cabinet: by MacPhees, South Melbourne

Sorry about that last photo, it's a bit dark, but I can't resist showing you those beautiful original windows.

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