Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Image: Clouds by Kvadrat Maharam
Dear blog,
I have been neglecting you, I'm sorry. Allow me to explain. I had some "me" time, one weekend, several weeks ago. And since, I've been starved of said time.

Others have used up my nurturing energy, have had needs that required catering to. Quite literally. Stress from a Grandfather in hospital and lots of running around have worn me out. I've been sick, again.

And so today I had to say some words that were difficult, but after doing so I felt the burden on my shoulders lighten. I can stand up straight again. The heaviness is lifting from my chest, and I can feel this cold, or flu, or whatever it damn well is, is beginning to leave my body. Hooray.  I'm finding it less difficult to be the "good" Mummy, and the behaviours of an almost three year old not so hard to deal with.

Now my head feels less like this cloudy, non-committal weather that Melbourne is experiencing, perhaps I will have some space to visit with you again and tell you of my adventures.


  1. Dear D
    From one mum to another.... I know! Hearing you LOUD & clear :) I seem to recall having the same conversation with my blog on several occasions. Liking the new look. See you on Fri in sunny Melb.... woo hoo
    Fi xx

  2. Good to hear your voice, hope that you are coming out from under that cloud! If you're free Sat arvo, Sam's show opens at Karen Woodbury Gallery, Albert St Richmond, 3-5pm. See you soon xxx

  3. Thank you my lovely friends, Fi I can't wait to catch up Friday. Em I think I may have to take you up on that offer. Sam's work on your blog looks amazing!! Dxx

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I love your stuff. I went to the finders keepers markets in Brisbane and am going to pop your digital leather necklace on my blog (hope that's ok!).. I must get one!

    I also hear you about mothering etc... it can be so exhausting. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks Pauliina! Much appreciated...I'll go visit your blog and check it out! D


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