Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A motoring obsession continues

Ok, so technically it didn't end up being the NEXT post, instead it is the next post about THIS topic. Presenting "Part Two" of my motoring obsession with my beloved VW Bug. Here it is undergoing another transformation. We stripped all the panels off, took out the windows and interior, and it was painted again from top to tail.

This time it was black underneath and the body colour was "Liberty Blue", made by GMH, which was a gorgeous metallic blue with a little red fleck through it. It was HOT.

And here it is complete, with all his finery put back on, new "smoothie" style bumpers, round mirrors and original hubcaps on skinny wheels. Later on I fitted wider rims and tyres. I told you, I am a bogan.

Oh and the interior was kept the same, black and white, and for a time I kept the dark red carpet, but later replaced that with black when the budget allowed. Loved that mother of pearl finish steering wheel. And hubby machined new solid brass knobs for the dashboard and door winders to replace the original bakelite versions. They were chrome plated and a real work of art.

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