Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Mumsy, not so Chic

Article from the Herald Sun, 30 March 2010
The hubby found this article in the tabloid and brought it home to share with me. He thought I might find it interesting....or amusing. Now, I don't usually use my blog to get on my soapbox about parenting, so if you don't find sarcasm amusing or you may be offended by my natural parenting bent, then please look away!

Apparently we should be taking inspiration from the Europeans, and in particular we women should be taking cues from French women for yet another thing....this time it's mothering our children. Or rather not mothering them. Apparently we just do too, too much of that. So slack off gals, find a babysitter, fill your champagne glasses and get some brassieres without those annoying and not-so-chic clips on them.*
*By no means am I trying to make women feel "guilty" for choosing any particular path....I'm just suggesting that what works for some doesn't work for all. And we don't always have to follow the European model, surely. Do we?

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