Thursday, April 15, 2010

Australian Art to inspire

Rings of Saturn by Inge King at Heide courtesy of here
I was completely inspired by the work of Australian based, German born sculptor Inge King, when I recently saw the ABC's Artscape presentation of the documentary "A Thousand Different Angles". Like me, you may have noticed her public sculptures dotted around Melbourne, and not given a second thought to who they were made by (or how). Or maybe you are more educated about local art than I!

Anyway, from listening to her express how she was "compelled" to still create whilst mothering her two children (she made jewellery at that stage!), and how she impressed a bunch of Aussie blokes in a welding factory with her skills to help create "Forward Surge", to the fact that she is still working at 80+ - all this makes me think she is amazing. You can read some more here. Oh, and did I mention she has the most gorgeous Robin Boyd designed house at Warrandyte?! Too much. I'm turning green.


  1. I saw this piece at Heide last week, stunning!

  2. Lucky you! I've been promising myself a trip there...I must do it SOON....


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