Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A motoring obsession

Ok, here goes, I have a confession. I think I may be a bogan*. At least I have been in a previous life. More appropriately I should say a bevan, since I'm talking about the duration of my life lived in Queensland. What led me to this conclusion? Well, a few weeks back I watched Eric Bana's "Love the Beast", and I enjoyed it - immensely. And it got me thinking about how much I grew up surrounded by the love of cars.

So over the course of this week I'm going to share a few of my bevan, or bogan, loves - otherwise known as my "wheels", my "beasts", my "ride", whatever you like to call them.

Number one was my 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. Purchased for $100 and my pride and joy for 18 years. That's it beside my bro on his bike (sorry Mike) and pictured in my Dad's shed, surrounded by spare parts.

It had two incarnations, the first as a weekend renovation project for my Dad - when it was transformed to a black, sunroofed machine. Here's the interior - it had white hoodlining and black seats with houndstooth inserts! Note the S Series Valiant in the background - owned by my sister!

And here is the finished machine, just after it received a final cut and polish from my Uncle. I was 18 when it was finally finished and road registered, and I truly LOVED that little car. Oh, by the way his name was Vernon, in case you were wondering!

And lastly, this is the final photograph before that particular renovation was stripped back again for another new shiny coat of paint.....which I'll show you in the next post!

*For non-Australians: An Australian slang term, mostly deregatory, referring to anyone who shares a predilection for acid wash or black tight jeans, flannellette shirts, desert boots, fast cars, beer, heavy metal music, and is generally fairly unsophisticated. Now used affectionately as a term of endearment along with other terms such as "dag".

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