Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exhibition Countdown Begins

Only one day to go....mild panic starting to set in.
Not really, I think it's all under control and shaping up to be very exciting for little ol' me....
Here is the wordy explanation of "A Tale of Wood & Fish":

My forefathers were skilled labourers, crafting items for consumption with their hands, aware of the value of materials, mindful of their origins and end use. Frugal, ingenious and appreciative of what little they might have had; to reappropriate, recycle and reuse was an everyday practice for them.

This body of work celebrates their skills and their appreciation of the value of materials; and it asks – “in our modern world how often do we consider the labour that is embodied in the products we consume, and wonder at the origin and end-use of the materials that surround us?”

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