Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Serene Faces

It seems felt is my weapon of choice at the moment, can't get enough of the stuff.  Only the a la naturale wool based version of course...none of that nasty crafty felt that has an awful synthetic sheen about it...blegh. And these have been stuffed with wool, if you please!
Yes, these babies left home to reside at "Little Sparrow" in Orrong Crescent, Caulfield North for a time, until they hopefully find loving new homes on dresses and blazers and scarves, or wherever!
If you have not been to Little Sparrow on your adventures in the great South East of Melbourne, then let me tell you it is a delightful place for kiddies (mine can't keep his hands off anything in there!) and grown ups too.
There are lovely handmade wooden and felt toys, kids books and some crafty supplies for the big people (and the wee ones too). It's the go-to shop for us when we need a birthday gift. And now you can get a Mainichi Felt Face Brooch there too, only $25AU. Off you go. Or you can stop by the online shop for other natural toy goodies.


  1. Where do you get the yummy wool felt from Madame?

    I have been racing into Spotlight and just grabbing whatever, but I know that some of it is a bit squeaky and, I presume, synthetic.

    Your expertise would be most appreciated!

  2. Said shop Little Sparrow has a lovely range of all wool felt. You could also try Winterwood toys online shop. http://www.winterwoodtoys.com.au.
    My pleasure. xx


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