Friday, March 12, 2010

Little Houses and Little Hens

I've been a bit lax on the ol' posts lately, haven't I?  Well, not much to say about that except...moving right along...Here's an update on what I got up to over the rainy weekend.

We decided to build the wee one a cubby house. That was scheduled well before we knew Melbourne was going to be inundated with a once-in-a-100-years rain storm! This is how far we got on Saturday, until the threat of rain stopped play:

The "big" house fared ok in the storm, a bit of a leak through our kitchen ceiling, but that's about all. Our local "shops" got flooded, as well as many others throughout Melbourne. The hail slamming down on the tin roof reminded me of the hailstorms from my childhood in Queensland. Says alot for what is going on with the weather patterns these days.

While the wet weather continued on Sunday morning I left the blokes to their own devices and headed off to the local Steiner kinder to sit with a bunch of lovely ladies for three hours and stitch to my heart's content. This is what I made for the wee one's enjoyment (and three hours of bliss for Mum! These days it's like a slice of heaven to start and finish a sewing project in one sitting!)

Since then the family has expanded to include Mumma hen, and more baby chicks. As you can see the wee one is quite protective of his chicken family and their basket home....didn't even want me to take their photo and kept insisting they were NOT my chickens they are HIS!

And the other addition to this lot is Mr Bunny, who I think is very adorable:

That's a wrap! The cubby is almost finished, roof goes on this weekend, I'll post more photos after that happens. Hope you fared ok in the wet weather and have been enjoying this Autumn crispness (I love it!). Dx

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  1. Oh, they are terribly cute!! Love the pom-pom tail. Glad to hear you survived the storm... yes it was very reminiscent of the tropics :)


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