Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The quilt is finished

Finally bringing you the photos of my first finished quilt, made for the wee one's bed, using lots of Japanese fabric remnants acquired on my last trip to Tokyo.  There's a few vintage and inherited remnants thrown in too.

The design is a good, basic beginners pattern (perfect for me!), called "Two Square" by Audrey & Maude, which was purchased at the lovely Amitie. After visiting that shop I can see how women become hooked on quilting -  my goodness what fabric delights they have to pore over!

So after assembling all the blocks, I decided to machine quilt the lot using a freeform method called "Stippling". Probably a little ambitious for a beginner, but hey what the hell. And did I mention it was going to be stitched in dark blue on a predominantly off white background?? No? Oh well, yes bit off a little bit much there, but it turned out beautifully in the end. And I really love the contrast between the organic stitching and the regimented blocks. What do you think??

Tomorrow I'll be posting some interior shots of the boy's and the main bedroom in our little Edwardian renovator. Yes, I did some dusting, and the light was great for taking some pics....so please pop in again tomorrow to say hi!!


  1. I won't repeat the exact words I exclaimed when I saw that stippling technique (because this is a family blog!) but it is truly remarkable! Great work Dee!!


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