Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shop till you drop

Image from State Library Exhibition Shop 'til you drop, Tessa Furniture 1971

Thought I'd share this vintage interior shot with you, courtesy of the Shop 'til you Drop exhibition at the State Library of Victoria until 31 October, this year. Lots of vintage shopping images to see there.

Craft Victoria hosted a market at the library in late December, which I was lucky enough to partake in, and spent the day sharing display space with Victoria Mason, and of course, Emma (and the little one that's brewing) - thanks for the laughter, fine ladies.

Over on Victoria's blog are a couple of pics from market. They make me think I really need to work on my display. Emma says more is more, but I wonder if more Mainichi is just TOO much of an overload. That Miss Mason has the whole market display thing down pat, complete with bunting. So cute.

Thanks to everyone who came to say hi or made a purchase at the market. Love yews all.

And thanks for the post Vic!

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