Monday, January 25, 2010

A nod to the past

I've been researching my family history on and off for the past 15 years or so.  And while I often wonder what it was like for those now deceased (bless them) ancestors living in newly established Melbourne, what I really would love to know, but am too shy to ask, is what was it like for my Grandparents living, working and growing up here as young people?

Bettina Guthridge articulates this sense of distance from our elders so beautifully in her project 80+ And Not Out, illustrated and designed by Graphic Designer Liz Wilson (recently profiled on the DesignFiles blog):

"....We will perhaps never know about their wildest dreams, their lost opportunities and loves, their real feelings for us, and will be left with our own imaginings, often far from the truth.
In the black and white photographs taken in their ‘dream time’, we may sometimes glimpse, if only for a moment, an image where our loved one is young, glamorous, vital, and living a life that many of us would be shocked and perhaps excited by.
It is difficult for us to really appreciate the challenges, choices and events that have formed the person we see today. So, we have a choice… to ask the questions, a task so simple, yet confronting, or to leave our thoughts unspoken."

The photo above is my Grandma and Grandpa, in their working gear at my Great Nan's old place in Westgarth. Cheers to Bet and Laur. xx

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