Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello New Year

Yes, I've been absent. I've been busy enjoying....
- a big Christmas day with lots of relatives around including both my siblings and their partners - very unusual for us all to be together in one city at this time of year, but actually quite lovely. Topped off the day with a game of badminton and backyard sleeping, woohoo!
- roasting in the heat, well not that bit, but cooling down in a friend's pool and enjoying a seafood feast on New Years Eve....bliss!
- triumphing in my boy's mastery of potty training...hooray, no more washing nappies! Just loads of sheets and undies instead!
- three whole weeks enjoying time together as a trio...heaven.
I haven't been totally absent from my creative world (aside from this blog). I finished the boy's quilt whilst on "holiday" and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Now I'm planning one for my bed and another for cuddling under in Winter in front of the tele. Yes, photos of the said quilt shall be forthcoming shortly! In the meantime here is my little artist at work, his first taste of painting on Christmas Day with his new paints and brushes.

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