Thursday, January 14, 2010

Footpath Scavenger

In our neighbourhood it is very common to see large piles of ephemera on the footpath. Houses cleaned out, new lives begun, cupboards refreshed.  I often look, but I'm not usually game enough to stop and forage.
Heck, last time I tried to pile a big old armchair into the boot of my car it wouldn't fit, and then I just about busted something trying to put it back where I'd scavenged it from. Sometimes a station wagon does seem more sensible...but I digress.

Today I struck gold. I spotted an old Sunbeam Mixmaster under a pile of stuff, and since I've been lamenting giving mine away when I moved to Melbourne, I had to stop and scavenge. The mixer went straight into the car. And then I spotted something else, and something under that, and one thing led to thing I know the lovely lady in the house where this stuff had resided came out to say hi and see if she could help me!!! I love recycling.

There's a few old tins there (they always remind me of my Grandma) a lovely old Thermos flask, a plastic basket, and three wonderful old umbrellas which I am just in love with. They need a repair, so I'm off to look at this blog for some tips. Happy scavenging to you. Out with the new and in with the old, perhaps that's my motto for 2010.


  1. What a score! I love the ol' footpath scavenge! But not having a car does have its downsides in this department (though I probably don't need dozens of vintage chairs reupholstered in awesome fabrics so maybe it is a good thing).

  2. yes, I cannot imagine trying to move that load AND carry a sleeping two and a half year old around the streets!


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