Friday, August 28, 2009

A rainbow of colour

Well it's almost a rainbow of colour, just missing a few on the spectrum here. I've been a bit absent this week as my internet is very S...L...O...W...Can't wait for that new broadband package I've just signed up for to kick in.

But, I digress, I present to you my latest foray into dyeing on my stovetop. A bunch of beads, match sticks for my new brooches, some op shop crochet flowers (they were beige, blah) and some big felt discs, all dyed in new shades of scarlet, fuschia and yellow. Yummy.

I'm still using those nasty little dye pots rather than the nice, natural methods of dyeing that I've been dreaming of experimenting more with. So far I have experimented successfully with Turmeric to create yellow or a light khaki green, and unsuccessfully with beetroot to create an insipid brown. I think I may try red onion skin next. Any tips on dyeing with plants and other natural methods? I'd love to read them. Leave a comment.

And speaking of all things plant dyeing and such, next week there is a Natural Dyeing Demo at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Think I might have to get myself along, pending boy sleeping or awake.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New work

New Brooches, top to bottom:
1. Recycled square leather samples on recycled timber square
2. Australian blackwood recycled timber square with typeface in black
3. Machu, green and red matches and sticks on recycled timber square
4. Machu, aqua, green and yellow matches and sticks on recycled timber square.
The timber squares used to make these pieces have been salvaged from my Grandfather's wood working offcuts!
All available in my Etsy store. Machu brooches (and felt faces mentioned here) now available at Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
Have a productive weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Call me

Some more recycled crafty goodness here, this time courtesy of Courtney Chesley aka
TwistedHandMade. Courtney makes jewellery from discarded telephone wire. And she loves Leslie Hall and bedazzlers too. 'Nuff said, she sounds like my kinda crafty gal. Some of her creations pictured here for your enjoyment. Go to her Etsy shop here for more.

Oh, and I WISH you could call me. But a certain telephone company disconnected my telephone. And they were not supposed to. And it wasn't like I hadn't paid the bill. Damn them. One persons incompetence shuts down my business telephone. It's not right, would you agree??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loving this....

Yes I'm loving the new series of Ashes to Ashes on ABC TV, especially the eighties style of character Alex Drake's wardrobe (pictured above with "the quattro"!). I covet that white leather jacket she dons regularly, and the red sunglasses she wore in last night's episode.....oh yeah and there was also that fantastic draped white jersey jumpsuit, worn with gold accessories of course. I remember my Mum sewing herself the same style outfit for a ball in the eighties. But it was RED, with a very plunging neckline, and I think she wore it with a headband! Ahhh the eighties.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Felt Fan

Melanie of Melanielynndesign is also a fan of the medium of felt. I know, I know, there is a whole bunch of this laser cut stuff about, but I like what she has done with this felt cuff created from interlocking circles. Melanie recently wrote a feature on "non traditional" jewellers on her blog and kindly mentioned Mainichi. Please pop over and see what else she has been up to.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Japanese beauty

This is a craft that my Mum recently told me to check out. It hails from Japan and these lovely creations are called "Temari". Some of the embroidery work (and the time!) that goes into these is just incredible.

I found this one here. Apparently it contains the "pattern of three feathers". Inspiring.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saving faces and facades

These are some new creations, a bit of a departure from my usual work. Little felt faces worn as brooches. Fun for little people, or big. They shall be arriving at Craft Victoria sometime soon. Or you can email me if you are interested in one of these little darlin's info*at*mainichidesigndotcom.

The facade I speak of in the title of this post is LONSDALE HOUSE in Melbourne. There is a petition underway to save this iconic piece of streamlined Art Deco architecture from the demolition hammer. Please sign it. While I don't object to moving forward I do object to another piece of vanilla shopping centre architecture in our CBD. Please visit this site to read more and sign the petition here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Colourful Monday

I'm busy writing thank you cards for all the lovely birthday treats my boy received in early July. Can you believe it is August already?

This is the image I'm using for the front of the cards. It's a collaboration. Between my boy, me and Photoshop. I took a drawing he created with some gorgeous wax block crayons that he was given, scanned it, tweaked it and this is what we ended up with. I've printed an A4 size one to frame and hang, I think the colours have come out so lovely.

Sunny day here in Melbourne today, hope it keeps up. My magnolia tree should be flowering any day now. Here's to the last month of Winter!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's behind the door?

I've had to edit this post, first I edited some of the text and then it all just went a bit pear the reason for the photo of a door (which happens to be to my laundry door wearing a bunch of Mainichi "Nagai" necklaces BTW), is my competition to win a copy of publication "Open Doors" has been redrawn.......I never heard back from the original winner, so the new winner is follower FEDE (please email your postal details to me info(!at!)mainichidesigndotcom).

I hope all my new followers enjoy some light reading here on the blog.......and stay tuned I may even have another copy of the book to give away again in the near future!