Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just a reminder, I'm drawing the book giveaway this Saturday, so get in quick for your chance (the odds for winning are pretty good!!). Signup to follow this blog for your chance to win a copy of "Open Doors"....see full details here in this post.

I know I said you could also email me to sign up for my enewsletter, and those of you who have tried and found your email bounced - SORRY!!! I'm in the middle of changing internet hosting services and all my email has gone's a bit sad when I see how empty my inbox is now. So please don't let your chance slip by email me instead at mymainichi(!at!)gmaildotcom. Or just leave a comment for me.

Good luck, I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrifty Tuesday

I haven't been op shopping (or thrift shopping, as the northern hemisphere refer to it) for some time. I must have been saving all my op shop mojo for this lot.

So here I present my Thrifty Tuesday post.....well, technically I bought most of this stuff last Wednesday while hanging out with my friend Fe in Adelaide. Luckily I did not need another suitcase to get it all home, but if we had found many more shops to visit I would have.

Amongst my favourite finds are the brown glazed ceramic vase from the 70's and you can't see them in this photo, but a full set of Golden Books bound together in mint condition.

Thanks Fe and family for a great weekend and your company. I had a blast. Might have to come back to Adelaide soon, with an empty suitcase (or two) this time!

A couple of tips

As you would recall from previous posts, recently I was invited by Tess McCabe to speak at Melbourne's Creative Women's Circle about the hows and whys of establishing and running my two creative small businesses.

So if you missed it, I thought I would post a summary of the "dot points" I made, just in case you are interested! Here are my tips for starting out:

MENTORS: Whatever stage you are at in your career, or even in something that you have chosen to pursue or excel in, find yourself a mentor or a benchmark and let them inspire you to greater heights.

CONTACTS: Be aware that you may find potential contacts wherever you go. You may not immediately be aware of their importance, but one day in the future that business card you stowed in your bag may be helpful.

CHANGE: Something that is inevitable in business big or small. It may involve scaling up or down, but whatever it is that changes, be willing and open to it and ready to embrace all that it brings.

TALK: With everyone about what you do. Research, attend networking opportunities, surround yourself with people doing similar things to you. Spruik yourself, your best advertisement is YOU, especially if you are creative, your enthusiasm for what you do will rub off on others.

BE ORGANIC: This applies to business but also to motherhood, some days will be great, and you will achieve much, other days will be very ordinary and you will feel like you are chasing your tail. Accept this and know that tomorrow is another opportunity.

I hope that inspires you.....and don't forget my book giveaway here, enter by signing up as a follower of this blog, or subscribing to my new enewsletter about the latest Mainichi happenings.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A friendly creation

A few weeks back I had a lovely little surprise in my mail box. A creation from my friend Fe who runs an Etsy shop Fede and has a great blog too. And she's a Flickr fiend with many collections of great photos.
Anyway she makes these groovy rattles for babies, in the shape of hammers and spanners. I ordered a set for an upcoming new arrival in the world. Don't you think they are clever? In exchange I sent Fe a bunch of my fabric destash for her to have some fun with. I can't wait to see what the results are. And I will get to see in person this coming week, when I visit the fine town of Adelaide. Looking forward to lots of crafty and Mumsy talk, and some op shopping!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Inside my studio space

Thought I'd give you a sneak peek into my studio, whilst I was hard at work finishing off a few things over the weekend. This is one of my "Shinzo 2" necklaces, created from felt circles stitched together with pompoms, rubber beads and leather thonging in between. They are tedious to make as I'm very pedantic about lining up the pompoms and leather and matching the lengths as much as I can. Clockwise from top left is:

1. Sewing machine with the second of the medallions being stitched on, other circles waiting patiently next to the machine for their turn to be added.
2. Same stage, different view, lots of stuff in the background ready for more making.
3. Detail of the medallion - I stitch the leather thonging and linen thread that holds the pompoms down first to secure it, then stitch the second circle of felt over the top.
4. The finished product in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling generous....yes it's a giveaway

Ok, I'm feeling a bit interior design oriented today, maybe because I spent almost 40 minutes blabbing about me yesterday at the Creative Women's circle. BTW big thanks to all who came to listen and for all the positive feedback.

So I thought I'd give you, my dear reader, an opportunity to join in some design love of the interior and architecture kind. I'm giving away a copy of......drum roll.....

"OPEN DOORS. Fresh thinking in Australian Architecture and Interiors." From indie publishers Ripe off the Press. Yes, it's a publication in which my interior design work is featured. Goodie. So if you'd like a copy (RRP is 50 buckeroos, so it's worth it baby) then you can do one of the following to enter this little giveaway:

1. Sign up as a follower of this fabulously interesting and well written blog....ha.
2. Subscribe to my ALL NEW (and fresh thinking!) email newsletter by sending me an email via *UPDATED* mymainichi at gmail dot com.

Easy. Then I'll randomly draw a name on the 1st August and the fresh thinking shall be yours to peruse at your leisure. So get cracking, you have till midnight (Aussie time) on the 31st July......Good night, sleep tight.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lego Jewellery

I came across this amazing jewellery on Flickr made by "Reware Style" an artist by the name of Emiko Oye who is based in San Fran. Using Lego she has recreated iconic pieces of very expensive jewellery. I think it's so clever and so well executed. She also has a shop on Etsy selling smaller items made from new and used Lego.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Creative Women's Circle Meeting

Melbourne's Creative Women's Circle is meeting again on the 11th July, and guess who's speaking? Yes that's right, it's moi!! Pssssttt I'll tell you a secret....I'm a bit nervous.

Anyway here are all the details and I better get cracking on that presentation.

Might see you there, please come and say hi.

Oh and if you do plan on coming please give me some hints on what you'd like to hear about! Leave me a comment......please.....

Saturday 11 July
10am - 12 midday
Guildford Lane Gallery
20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne CBD (off Queen St, between LaTrobe and Little Lonsdale streets. A short walk from Melbourne Central Station or Elizabeth St/Latrobe St trams. Parking lot nearby)

RSVP tess(at)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Robot Cake

For the last two days I've been on Creative Mum duty and so to quote the character himself "taa daa".......this is what I've been busy creating. A cake dedicated to that cute robot Wall-E. The boy loves Wall-E so I couldn't resist. I made our version of Wall-E from a square flourless orange cake iced with orange flavoured icing, used licorice straps cut into thin strips for the text and his garbage compactor flap, and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for his eyes, arms/hands and wheels.

My (almost) two year old boy loved it, although he had to check it at every stage during assembly and icing and begged me for cake at 7am this morning!! We lit the candles today with all his playmates, but his big day is tomorrow, the 4th of July. I'm reminiscing about what I was doing on this date two years ago (labouring with TENS machine attached to me) and lamenting that our beautiful home birth experience may never be repeated (see this post). *Sigh*

To celebrate this occasion some more we're taking him on a nostalgic steam train ride through the Dandenongs outside Melbourne....should be fun, and cold, with 14degrees (Celsius) predicted, hopefully the rain will hold off for us. Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are up to!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on a teaser

Ok I posted a teaser here as a work in progress back in May, and here's the rest of the creation - but for your eyes ONLY! I created this number especially for the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery Contemporary Wearables '09 exhibition entries call. I find out this week if they deem it worthy.

This piece is a combination of my leather stitched medallions in an eliptical shape, similar to my Nuimasu necklaces and some hand dyed bamboo beads, glass chips, recycled metal washers (that Dad saved from Plasma TV boxes!!) and a bunch of various thicknesses of hand made rope created from a big spool of thread I salvaged from a skip in St Kilda.

Hold onto your hats, because in upcoming weeks I might post a short tutorial on the rope making, it's such fun, and was something I was itching to start messing with, and then I went to Melinda Young's workshop at Craft Vic, which I raved about here, and voila, rope making here I am.

I'm thinking about another project based around the rope making. Apparently I have ropemaking in the blood, a Mr James Sharp, ropemaker in Malvern, is quite a few generations back on my Grandfather's side. I think it could be interesting to explore the link between family history and my current crafty exploits, what do you think?