Friday, February 27, 2009

On my desk

Just popping in to say hi, because as you can see my desk is choc full of felty goodness at the moment, ready for assembly. I've been busy working on lots of my felt and leather Shinzo necklaces, ready to stock up my Etsy shop and some suppliers.
My poor sewing machine was making a real racket yesterday, so I decided to - oh my gosh - read the instruction book in regards to maintenance. And apparently it should be cleaned and oiled once a month......who would have thought....So out came all the screwdriver attachments, and I was shocked to see how much rubbish accumulates in the bottom of my machine. Needless to say its running a lot quieter now!
Well, whilst my young'un is sleeping I better get back to the grindstone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving these.....

Hey ho, I'm all inspired, I've been to visit Pip's blog and read her tips on "How to market your craft blog".

So with new ideas in hand, my new blog resolution is to create a weekly list of my favourite "Healthy Addictions". So here goes:

1. My Aunty Di writes short stories and has created a blog with an episode per day....I'm hooked.

2. So You Think You Can Dance Australia. My 19month old son even deliberately stayed up late on Sunday because he knew what was on Teev that night. Addictive even for a babe in the woods.

3. Cup cakes. I bought 2 today, one for me and one for son, he ate the smarties and part of the icing. I ate all of mine, and the rest of his.

I think exercise should be on the addiction list next week.
Thanks to the New Idea website for the yummy photo of Strawberry Cup Cakes.....recipe for those here....haven't tried the recipe myself but if they taste as good as those ones look I better start baking......

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only trivial

It seems quite trivial to be posting a blog about Mainichi at a time like this, with all the bushfires raging around Victoria. But out of great tragedy comes great hope, and we're a resilient lot. It helps to have a nation rallying to support, and apparently Australians have already helped raise over $30Million AU to aid victims of the bushfires.

If you would like to know more about how to help in any way check out Our Community - thanks to Emma from Aprons and Hammers for the link. As well as clearing out the shed of excess household items, I will be donating ten percent of my Etsy online sales for the remainder of February to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal 2009 (please note their website is experiencing heavy traffic, so be patient).

On a lighter note the team at Found Handmade featured my brown leather "Kawa" necklace on their blog entry "Not your Grandmother's leather", thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Channeling 1981

I'm back, yes that's right twice in one week....amazing.

I just wanted to spruik a few things I've found recently on Etsy.
Firstly this talented lady KD has her own blog and makes stuff from recycled materials too (her "eco-jewellery line" is sold at her Etsy store). My latest favourites are her brooches from offcuts of plastic - very 80's looking, which I have to say makes them pretty cool in my eyes!
The other are these yummy earrings from Sincear Jewelry which also take me back to the 80's. I love the colour combinations this creator uses. Think I may have to invest in a pair fom her Etsy store. And I think it's time the world saw more string art again........

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cool it down...please.....

I've been very slack at updating this blog for the last 6 weeks, which must be very boring for those of you who do read it (I hope someone does!). With a relaxing Christmas break at the beach and catching up on some overdue home renovation projects and then a sudden trip interstate to the beautiful, but very warm Sydney, not to mention the awful heat wave here in Melbourne last week, I'm afraid it's taking me a long time to get moving again............

But.....I have been motivated to get some more recycled leather jewellery made, and I even resurrected a design which I haven't produced for a while - the "Sensu", which in Japanese means "fan".....maybe it was the heat that motivated that one! I've thrown in a photo of the black and white version for your viewing pleasure. As always, these newbies are up on my Etsy online store.

And I'm putting a date in my diary to visit blogland again soon!