Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My place and yours

This week's theme for Pip's meme is brought to us by Tania over at Myrtle & Eunice. Her theme is "Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home".  She's asked to see those things we have around us that really make our house "our home", and that we couldn't possibly be without.
I can think of many things actually, even though over the years I have tried to cull many "things", ie. dust collectors, from my house (and life).  Of course it goes without saying that my two boys (big and wee) make my house a home.
And then there are these little babes.  The German "cuckoo" clock was a gift from my Mum's best friend when I was a wee one. Her daughter and I share a birthday, and she also has the same clock....cute!
The round clock was made by my Grandpa, he turned the lovely Blackwood timber on his lathe. He wrapped it and gave it to me for my birthday one year....I think it was a teenage birthday, I can't quite remember.  Anyway these are two things that I would consider help make my house a home.
What do you have that makes your place home? Go on over to Pip's and join in the fun.
PS. Lately I've been doing a lot of this business " " in my posts....I don't know why, but I do apologise if it's irritating you.  I hope that's not the first step to using air commas in my conversations, if I did start let's hope someone would slap me out of my silliness.


  1. Beautiful treasures forecer ;)

  2. They are gorgeous clocks!!! And both have special memories, even better!

  3. Thanks lovely bloggers, yes they are very special treasures.

  4. I LOVE your cute clock! Does it still do the cuckoo? Thanks for playing along this week,too! xx

  5. Hi Pip, it's a shame but my clock never did cuckoo. But it used to make a cute ticking sound when the pendulum swung and the blue bird would tick along with it!! Thanks for stopping by again. x


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