Sunday, November 29, 2009

My place and yours....late!

I'm one day late to post last week's My place and yours theme from Pip.....but better late than never! I have no excuse except that the usual routine has been tossed out the window, along with sleeps for the wee one. So not much getting done. But I digress...
Brought to us by Kate over at Foxs Lane (go say hello) the theme is "My Collection". I used to think that I left the hoarding habit behind when I moved to Melbourne. But alas this theme has made me realise that I have not. As you will see:

My collection of violet pattern English china.

Japanese fabric - a small selection!

My latest penchant - anything yellow.

Materials for my jewellery making.


  1. You have eggcups! I don't have any of them. I have a tiny Wilkinson Cup and saucer. Your collections are lovely. Thanks for visiting my Blog x

  2. Yes the egg cups are very fancy, we are rather fond of "Humpty Dumpty" eggs in our house, so they get regular use. And you're welcome, I enjoyed stopping by!

  3. You know we have genetically inherited this hoarding skill from our mothers.... we really had no chance of escaping it!! op shopping would be no fun if we couldn't collect all this stuff :)

  4. btw - come on over and enter my competition! if not for AH you must have some friends due to have babies some time in the future!!

  5. You are quite right Fe, in fact you've given me an idea, I'm going to post some pics of my Mum's hoarding skills! Dx


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