Friday, November 20, 2009

My place and yours

Hello blog. Yes, I have been absent. Guess what, I've been OFF my backside, away from the computer. Yes, I'm getting fit again. And I feel good.  But you, my dear, are looking a little tired.  Time for a spruce up. Is it cheating when my first post this week is for Pip's meme? Dreamed up by the lovely Shelley of Femme de Montmartre, it is "Through the Front Door".

Ironic that Pip posted a clip of Shakin' Stevens, because my front door IS green and I often have that little 80's ditty running through my head as I open it.  No "old piano playing hot" behind it though.  It's usually a few degrees cooler inside, so lately it's a sigh of relief when said door is opened.

My hallway is actually a little mix of old and new.  We've kept some* of the original features and added a few contemporary touches.  Just inside my door is an old meatsafe from my Mum's former antique shoppe.  On top of that is a serene gold Buddha and a couple of vintage knick knacks.  Above is one of my rare forays into painting, a piece I did in what my brother terms my "angry" phase.  I prefer to call it my "expressive" phase.  The walls are painted Dulux "Ploughed Earth", which is a deep, warm grey colour.  The floors are stained dark chocolate brown.  The door is usually chocked open with one of my Marc Newson doorstops.  Lights are by ISM Objects and that white woven panel on the wall was made by a friend. 

*If you are wondering why the glass around the door doesn't match, it's because someone liked my laptop and digital camera more than I did and they REALLY needed to have it. Lesson learned, deadlock and security door always locked.....and laptop replaced with desktop. A bit heavier and harder to carry.


  1. you have a green door!!!!!!! love it! and i love the 'angry phase' painting (still chuckling over that one) and the colours. it's all delicious. thanks for sharing it with us, dearne. x

  2. love the dark interior & i also love the 'angry phase' comment!

  3. Oh I love your green door! Totally cool and calm and lovely! x

  4. Thanks lovely ladies, I'm back on the band wagon this week.....


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