Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A creative saga

Do you know those moments when something you have been working on turns to disaster and it seems that it shall never, ever recover that glint of creativity that initiated the whole process? That it is bound to end up in the pile of stuff under the desk, or in a cupboard somewhere, forgotten and abandoned?

Well, I had one of those moments last weekend. I was studiously working on my piece for Craft Victoria’s “White” Christmas window theme this year, all inspired and enthusiastic, when it all turned to disaster. And then the wee one got a hold of it. It was promptly dumped in a heap, and abandoned on my desk.

So there it sat for five long days, bombarded with an occasional glare and snarl from my direction, destined to end up alongside all those other half baked projects crying weakly from the dark “saaaaave meeeee”.

Until last Thursday night, after another late one (why has ER returned to such a late timeslot??), I crawled into bed and *boom*. There it was. An answer. A solution. An epiphany. Call it what you will. But, as always, it was so simple and straightforward and glaringly obvious that I could only say to myself, why didn’t I just do that to start with??

And so here it is: the fruits of my labour, my impatience and my determination (sounds like motherhood!). It’s "Shades of White", consisting of a long necklace, made from white handmade rope, off white recycled upholstery leather and beige recycled felt. It will soon find a new (temporary) home at Craft Victoria. I hope someone likes it as much as I do.


  1. I love those epiphany moments ~ the 'aha' makes it all worthwhile. And then I look back and wonder, "Why did I doubt myself in the first place?"

  2. Yes, doubting ourselves is not fun, but then I wonder would I do any "better" work if I didn't have just an element of doubt??!


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