Monday, September 28, 2009

Squares and stripes

I've embarked on what may turn out to be an ambitious project - making darling son a patchwork quilt for his bed.

I picked up a pattern called "Two Square" from Amitie and so far I have managed to piece together the 30 squares. I've used a bunch of gorgeous Japanese fabrics that I had picked up in Tokyo, mainly in blues and reds.

I've also thrown in a few vintage Italian silks from a stash that belonged to my Great Aunt. I've got so many of these and have been selling a few of them on my destash shop on Etsy.

I had to purchase fabric for backing, strips between squares, edging and the batting, so that put a pause on the project. Now I need to cut into all this new fabric, and I'm having a mental block! Let's hope this week of dreary weather predicted for Melbourne will motivate me.......

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