Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Kitchen

I promised myself when my new(ish) kitchen was finally tidy I would take some photos to post on my Flickr page. Yesterday was the day. Armed with enthusiasm and cleaning cloth I managed to put everything away AND rearrange the furniture. So here are some photos of the renovation to excite you!
Still left to finish:
1. Order a sheet of clear glass to go over my painted brick splashback.
2. Get the hubby to polish the floorboards. We are going for a dark chocolate stain and satin finish to match the rest of the floors in the house.
Hope your team won!


  1. loving the painted splashback! and funnily enough - having seen your work at c.w.c - this kitchen seems to be completely your style!! clean, orerly, with a touch of different (re; that beautiful splashback.) great work, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks Shelley, had to get a bit of colour in there to jazz up that all white! D

  3. yay - we'd love to see more of your home, dearne... don't be shy! :)

  4. It's more a matter of it being tidy Tess, rather than me being shy!! Don't worry there are more pics to come.


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