Friday, August 28, 2009

A rainbow of colour

Well it's almost a rainbow of colour, just missing a few on the spectrum here. I've been a bit absent this week as my internet is very S...L...O...W...Can't wait for that new broadband package I've just signed up for to kick in.

But, I digress, I present to you my latest foray into dyeing on my stovetop. A bunch of beads, match sticks for my new brooches, some op shop crochet flowers (they were beige, blah) and some big felt discs, all dyed in new shades of scarlet, fuschia and yellow. Yummy.

I'm still using those nasty little dye pots rather than the nice, natural methods of dyeing that I've been dreaming of experimenting more with. So far I have experimented successfully with Turmeric to create yellow or a light khaki green, and unsuccessfully with beetroot to create an insipid brown. I think I may try red onion skin next. Any tips on dyeing with plants and other natural methods? I'd love to read them. Leave a comment.

And speaking of all things plant dyeing and such, next week there is a Natural Dyeing Demo at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. Think I might have to get myself along, pending boy sleeping or awake.


  1. Looks gorgeous, have a look at India Flint's book 'Eco Colour', she is a textile designer and natural dye expert from Adelaide.

  2. Thanks Em, I've had a look at that magnificent publication and have it on my wish list....


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