Friday, July 3, 2009

Robot Cake

For the last two days I've been on Creative Mum duty and so to quote the character himself "taa daa".......this is what I've been busy creating. A cake dedicated to that cute robot Wall-E. The boy loves Wall-E so I couldn't resist. I made our version of Wall-E from a square flourless orange cake iced with orange flavoured icing, used licorice straps cut into thin strips for the text and his garbage compactor flap, and a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for his eyes, arms/hands and wheels.

My (almost) two year old boy loved it, although he had to check it at every stage during assembly and icing and begged me for cake at 7am this morning!! We lit the candles today with all his playmates, but his big day is tomorrow, the 4th of July. I'm reminiscing about what I was doing on this date two years ago (labouring with TENS machine attached to me) and lamenting that our beautiful home birth experience may never be repeated (see this post). *Sigh*

To celebrate this occasion some more we're taking him on a nostalgic steam train ride through the Dandenongs outside Melbourne....should be fun, and cold, with 14degrees (Celsius) predicted, hopefully the rain will hold off for us. Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are up to!


  1. That cake is fantastic!!! how cleaver you are!! Sure beats my usual round cakes

  2. Oh thank you took a bit of fiddling with icing but it was worth it!


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