Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A couple of tips

As you would recall from previous posts, recently I was invited by Tess McCabe to speak at Melbourne's Creative Women's Circle about the hows and whys of establishing and running my two creative small businesses.

So if you missed it, I thought I would post a summary of the "dot points" I made, just in case you are interested! Here are my tips for starting out:

MENTORS: Whatever stage you are at in your career, or even in something that you have chosen to pursue or excel in, find yourself a mentor or a benchmark and let them inspire you to greater heights.

CONTACTS: Be aware that you may find potential contacts wherever you go. You may not immediately be aware of their importance, but one day in the future that business card you stowed in your bag may be helpful.

CHANGE: Something that is inevitable in business big or small. It may involve scaling up or down, but whatever it is that changes, be willing and open to it and ready to embrace all that it brings.

TALK: With everyone about what you do. Research, attend networking opportunities, surround yourself with people doing similar things to you. Spruik yourself, your best advertisement is YOU, especially if you are creative, your enthusiasm for what you do will rub off on others.

BE ORGANIC: This applies to business but also to motherhood, some days will be great, and you will achieve much, other days will be very ordinary and you will feel like you are chasing your tail. Accept this and know that tomorrow is another opportunity.

I hope that inspires you.....and don't forget my book giveaway here, enter by signing up as a follower of this blog, or subscribing to my new enewsletter about the latest Mainichi happenings.


  1. great tips D! I especially like the "be organic"... so so true :)

  2. Yes, also the motto for the week in Adelaide under a weird orange moon!


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