Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on a teaser

Ok I posted a teaser here as a work in progress back in May, and here's the rest of the creation - but for your eyes ONLY! I created this number especially for the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery Contemporary Wearables '09 exhibition entries call. I find out this week if they deem it worthy.

This piece is a combination of my leather stitched medallions in an eliptical shape, similar to my Nuimasu necklaces and some hand dyed bamboo beads, glass chips, recycled metal washers (that Dad saved from Plasma TV boxes!!) and a bunch of various thicknesses of hand made rope created from a big spool of thread I salvaged from a skip in St Kilda.

Hold onto your hats, because in upcoming weeks I might post a short tutorial on the rope making, it's such fun, and was something I was itching to start messing with, and then I went to Melinda Young's workshop at Craft Vic, which I raved about here, and voila, rope making here I am.

I'm thinking about another project based around the rope making. Apparently I have ropemaking in the blood, a Mr James Sharp, ropemaker in Malvern, is quite a few generations back on my Grandfather's side. I think it could be interesting to explore the link between family history and my current crafty exploits, what do you think?


  1. Love your website and your blog Dearne. You are one very talented lady. Do you have anything that catches the light and sparkles? (I love the glittery stuff. How old fashion is that?)
    What's the latest on home birthing? I agree, the option should not be withdrawn from mothers to-be. The intention to do so doesn't seem right or fair. Geez, a hundred years ago, and less, all babies were born at home.
    We're heading south tomorrow lunchtime. Plan to be in Melbourne by Saturday night. Staying for a week. Will be lovely seeing Grandma and Grandpa.
    Take care.
    Hugs for your gorgeous boy.
    PS Your model is lovely!

  2. Thanks for your message Di! Re. the home birth stuff, we all just have to wait with fingers crossed and hope that the current bill does not become legislation. Please call in for a cuppa if you are in our neighbourhood! Dx


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