Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots to tell

Yes, I do have lots to I did the following, working backwards:
updated my blog...well you know that don't you!
added some new stuff to my Etsy store
broke one of my new thrifty mugs...that means off to the op shop again next week, what a shame
got cranky 'cause my boy slept for only 20minutes today instead of the usual 2 crafty time for me today
called my friend Emma to say hi, she has a new Etsy shop, take a peek
finally visited the Meet Me at Mikes shop in Brunswick St, Fitzroy
bought a coffee and muffin from the lovely MilkToast on Carlisle Street
went to the Chiropractor (think I've got some serious crafty or computer related RSI in my right arm/wrist/hand)

So now for your viewing pleasure (drumroll) I have included a photo of a recent experiment with materials that is now up for sale on my Etsy shop - the Machu brooch consisting of layers of lovely felt stitched together on my sewing machine and a cascade of coloured sticks and matchsticks stitched with my own hand, to top it all off....something to brighten a cloudy Melbourne weekend. Tomorrow is another day and I'm off to the interior design exhibition aptly titled "Designex", sans non sleeping boy....

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