Friday, March 13, 2009

Upcycling.......the new Trash vs Treasure

I can remember donating stuff for our primary school's "Trash and Treasure" market. Is that term still used today or am I showing my age?

One new term that I also love is "UPCYCLING". It refers to the use of discarded materials reinvented into new stuff that's much more appealing than landfill. Well, that's my interpretation anyway.

This Etsy seller Upcycledjewelry has taken bits from computer circuit boards, cut, ground and polished them and created cool stuff like these earrings. This morning I checked his (Hi Jacob!) shop and he has added earrings made from XRAYS.....that's even more amazing!

Bring on more of these clever people making use of all the trash in this world, I say.

Less trash = more treasure.

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