Monday, March 9, 2009

A little inspiration

On Saturday I had what I consider to be a very self indulgent 3 hours at Craft Victoria, participating in a workshop conducted by talented jeweller Melinda Young. Melinda has just held an exhibition of her work in Gallery 3 at Craft Victoria, entitled "Take a ball of thread". Using a roll of pink cotton thread and objects found only in her studio - nothing purchased - she has created jewellery pieces using techniques such as ropemaking, knotting, tassel making and many more......she shared a few of these with us and then it was up to the group to get making.

So these are my creations, two little brooches, created from yellow sewing thread (the kind you use on the sewing machine). It's amazing how common thread can be transformed into something I consider so precious and delicate, and what will be a delight to wear. I'm very inspired now to incorporate some of the ropemaking techniques into my work. I've already had the hubby set up a hook on my desktop, and have been busy experimenting.

I am amazed by how refreshing it is has been for me as a maker to see things from a different perspective and gain some new inspiration. I can't wait to get started on the many things that are popping into my brain! Stay tuned.
See some other creations by the workshop attendees here on Craft Victoria's CLOG.

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