Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving these.....

Hey ho, I'm all inspired, I've been to visit Pip's blog and read her tips on "How to market your craft blog".

So with new ideas in hand, my new blog resolution is to create a weekly list of my favourite "Healthy Addictions". So here goes:

1. My Aunty Di writes short stories and has created a blog with an episode per day....I'm hooked.

2. So You Think You Can Dance Australia. My 19month old son even deliberately stayed up late on Sunday because he knew what was on Teev that night. Addictive even for a babe in the woods.

3. Cup cakes. I bought 2 today, one for me and one for son, he ate the smarties and part of the icing. I ate all of mine, and the rest of his.

I think exercise should be on the addiction list next week.
Thanks to the New Idea website for the yummy photo of Strawberry Cup Cakes.....recipe for those here....haven't tried the recipe myself but if they taste as good as those ones look I better start baking......

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